You no longer have one thing in mind … back!

This route takes you to the native land of Dawa. He borrows the historic route from the base camp of Everest course with some unforgettable variants.

Starting from Jiri to join Phading before entering the Sagarmatha National Park, the event follows a path that is much less used since the creation of the Lukla airfield. Expect to see a more authentic Nepal and happy people to review the travelers on this route.

The second part of the course will get you into the world of high altitude. You will discover another dimension of the race, most often inside.¬†Make no mistake you will be one thing in mind … Back!


This race is above all human, towards the discovery and encounters. No bag autonomy to carry, just travel bag which is often as light trails provide many supplies homestay. Each runner or walker says these cases the holder whose load is limited to 15 kg. Attention friends runners even the best weighted holders come with the latest and stay to sing with slower …

A route suitable for walkers

A special thanks to the printed wristbands made by the Wristband Co delivered to us ASAP for our last event!

And why not allow spouses, friends … share the adventure? Dawa implements a parallel route certainly athletic, who can accompany riders during the race. Yet another way to enjoy the spirit of this holiday.