Three valleys: Langtang, Ganesh-Himal and Manaslu.

353 km – Ascent 18 780 m – Ascent 18 715 m

Passage of 3 valleys: Langtang, Ganesh-Himal and Manaslu in 13 stages and 1 day of rest. An average of 29 km per day with 1445 m positive and 1440 m negative. The departure is from the famous Bouddhnath stupa, there are three passes of more than 3,500 m, one of 4,600 m the Laurebina pass to Langtang and the Larkya pass to 5,100 m.

The winner will be invited

at the Tchimbé Raid in Martinique.


Langtang, Ganesh-Himal and Manaslu | From April 18 to May 7, 2014

DAY 1          Departure from your country

DAY 2          Arrival in Kathmandu

DAY 3          Free day

DAY 4          Bouddhanath 1400m / Chipling 2166m | 27km, + 1505m, -780m |

DAY 5          Chipling 2166m / Tharepati 3600m  | 24km, + 2059m, -652m |

DAY 6          Tharepati 3600m / Phedi 3700m  | 10km, + 800m, -730m | . Link walk.

DAY 7          Phedi 3700m / Laurebina pass 4610m / Sybrubesi 1510m  | 25km, + 947m, -3082m |

DAY 8          Sybrubesi 1510m / So mdang 3258 m, entrance to the Ganesh region  | 25km, + 2268m, -536m |

DAY 9          Somdang 3258m / Pasang pass 3830m / Lapagaon 2020m  | 34km, + 1433m, -2977m |

DAY 10        Rest day in Lapagaon 2020m April 8 Lapagaon 2020m / Rumchet 2000m, entry into the Manaslu region  | 37km, + 2305m, -2203m |

DAY 11        Rumchet 2000m / Philim 1698m  | 25km, + 1400m, -1000m |

DAY 12        Philim 1698m / Namrung 2610m   | 33km, + 1860m, ​​-825m |

DAY 13        Namrung 2610m / Samdo 3690m  | 27km, + 1600m, 380m | .

Samdo is a Tibetan village in the valley and we find the walkers.

DAY 14        Samdo 3690m / Larkya pass 5100m / Bhimtang 3720m  | 15km uphill and 8km downhill binding | . The Larkya pass is the highest point of the race.

DAY 15        Bhimtang 3720m / Tal 1700m, entrance to the Annapurnas region  | 32km, + 480m, -2450m |

DAY 16       Tal 1700m / Khudi 760m  | 30km, + 725m, -1550m |  Once everyone has arrived we eat and take the bus to Kathmandu.

DAY 17        Award ceremony at the end of the afternoon

DAY 18        Departure to your country

DAY 19        Arrival in your country


Langtang, Ganesh-Himal and Manaslu | From April 18 to May 7, 2014

DAY 1          Departure from your country

DAY 2          Arrival in Kathmandu

DAY 3          Watch the start of the riders then go see them in Sundarijel and get ready for the start

DAY 4          Departure from Kathmandu to Gorkha by bus (6h), if we have time we will visit the Gorkha Kingdom

DAY 5          Gorkha / Khanchouk (15km) without much difficulty, we will cross villages.

DAY 6        Khanchouck / Arugat Bazar (14km, + 400m, -350m)

DAY 7          Arugat Bazar / Soti-Khola (16km, + 500m, -100m)

DAY 8          Soti-Khola 710m / Machhikhola 1800m ( 18km, + 1090m, -200m)

DAY 9         Machhikhola 1800m / Jagat 200m  (16km, + 600m, -400m)

DAY 10          Jagat 200m / Deng 1950m (19km, + 700m, -750m)

DAY 11          Deng 1950m / Namrung 2660m ( 16km, + 900m, -400m)

DAY 12        Namrung 2660m / Samagaon 3530m (14km, + 980m, -200m)

DAY 13        Samagaon 3530m / Samdo 3780m  (12km, + 400m, -0m) , we find the runners

DAY 14        Samdo 3780m / Bhimtang 3720m (15km climb and 8km descent, + 1400m, -1550m) , we will pass Larkya Pass 5100m with the runners, it is the highest point of the trek.

DAY 15        Bhimtang 3720m / Tal 1700m (32km, + 480m, -2450m).  We will see a lot of stunts.

DAY 16        Tal 1700m / Khudi (30km, + 725m, -1550m) . When everyone is arriving we eat and take the bus to Kathmandu.

DAY 17        Awards ceremony at the end of the afternoon

DAY 18        Departure to your country

DAY 19        Arrival in your country



The Association “Run in Nepal” organizes from March 29 to April 17, 2013 the 2nd Trail of the 3 Valleys in Nepal, running from Kathmandu to Khudi is about 353km, elevation gain 18 780 m and elevation gain 18 715m.


To be admitted you will need to present a medical certificate attesting that you do not present any contraindication to the practice of running.

Present an insurance certificate covering hospitalization costs, from Indonesia to your country with a helicopter search and rescue option abroad. A resume runner with your main performances and your experience may be required.


Registrations should be sent to: SHERPA Dachhiri

15 Dinu-Lipatti Park, 1225 CHENE BOURG Switzerland

check worded to Run in Nepal Dachhiri SHERPA

Registration fee: € 2950 made in three installments

1100 € upon registration

1000 € before the 28th of February 2012

€ 850 before April 30, 2012


The registration fee includes: air transportation, return Paris / Paris (without cancellation insurance), all nights full board during the race. The staff (stewardship etc …) race assistance (doctor, physiotherapist,, greenhouse file), transportation and transfers, reception and award ceremony at the closing party.

The registration fee does not include: cancellation fees, insurance, visa fees, airport tax, meals out of the race, gratuities

Article 4: THE COURSE

Race composed of 10 stages linking the village of TUMPANG to KAWAIJEN. See details of the steps on the program.

Article 5: Compulsory equipment

Runners and walkers: Backpacks (20 Liters): including a water reserve of at least 1.5 liters full, energy gels, racing food, windbreaker, on trousers,

Frontal, survival blanket, hat, glove, for tops, whistle, walking stick (optional)


There will be some refueling stations, only the doctor and the physiotherapist, as well as the technical staff and the greenhouse will be able to provide assistance as well as the runners between them. The course will be marked discreetly with white and red rubalise or fluorescent pink bio paint. There will be an opener and a greenhouse file at each stage.


On certain stages of the time barriers may be put in place some riders will not be able to finish the stage or on instructions of the controllers will have to go to the finish by another route, a race penalty will be calculated by the technical commission elected at the beginning of the trail.


At the beginning of the trail a technical commission including a representative of the riders, a member of the staff (doctor, physio or greenhouse file) the race director, will meet at each stage to prepare the briefing, to calculate the time at the stage, the general, assess the risks, assign penalties: non-starters on medical advice = last time + 1H00 / non-starters voluntary = time of the last + 2H00 / Set not followed = time of the last + 3H00, the case deadlines elimination, absence of mandatory material = 1 hour penalty for missing pieces.

Article 9: WEATHER

In case of unfavorable weather conditions or nivologies or other, the organization reserves the right to modify the stage (even in progress), even to neutralize the course or to make a part of the course or the totality of the course except race, no stopwatch.


Because of its commitment, the competitor gives the organization tacit authority to use any photo or image about the event as part of its promotion.

Article 11: AWARDS

For all: 1 textile or other as well as lots offered by the partners.

Will also be rewarded the first three of each category: Seniors, V1, V2, V3, Men and Women.

No ranking for walkers.

Article 12: BETS OUT OF RACE:

Competitors will be eliminated or will receive a penalty due to: Absence of bib, falsification of bib, the bib must be put on the chest of the rider with apparent partners, delay at the start of the competition, absence of mandatory equipment, no pointing at checkpoints, exceeding the maximum times allowed at checkpoints, pollution or degradation of the sites crossed (cutting trails, jets of detritus), refusal to be examined by a doctor, not respecting the instructions of the clerk of the course, no assistance to people in danger.



All competitors undertake to comply with the specific rules of the event by the mere fact of their registration and release the responsibility of the organizers for any incident or accident that may occur before or during the event.


Cancellation of airline ticket: the totality of the sums paid will be retained the cancellation fees of the airline ticket imposed by the company which will increase as the date of departure approaches.